Click the Button below to order Spirulina powder and reduce CO2 in the Ocean.


How it Works.

A quarter of the World’s CO2 which is about 10 GT CO2/yr, is absorbed by the sea.

We will use the Profit from these orders to grow spirulina in seawater and quench the absorbed CO2. The goal is at least 250 g CO2 captured per 1 kg spirulina sold.

International shipping is expensive & emits plenty of CO2. Thus, we will open investment opportunities for spirulina farms, Once the demand is 1024 Kg spirulina/ month in Your area. Potentially, Your very own spirulina farm nearby.

Until then, we will source sustainable spirulina producers near you & deliver to you.

If You would like to preorder more than 1 Kg spirulina & reduce more CO2, please press the button again & again.

Currently is shipping from Indonesia, France and USA.
Singapore finally provide FRESH spirulina.

Please submit your email address for a Free Grow Your Own Spirulina manual and start CO2 capture + reduction.

LATEST UPDATE: Nov 2, 2019

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